Monday, February 10, 2020

Early years an infant mental health Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Early years an infant mental health - Assignment Example With the points made above, the use of circle of security will be identified as a vivid example of a strategy for gaining attachment that distinguishes love from secure attachment (Breggin & Breggin, 2009). One important aspect of the circle of security intervention that is going to be a immense help to subjects in the case study, especially the caregiver is that the intervention focuses not just on the child or the mother but on both the parent and the child. This is because Szalavitz and Perry (2010) examples that as a secure attachment bonding intervention, circle of security focuses attention on a child’s emotional connection with the primary caregiver, who in this case is Emma. This type of emotional connection takes a very long walk in the life of the child and caregiver, starting from birth and developing at a very rapid rate into the first two years of the child’s life, and thereafter. The core merit of the circle of security therefore has to do with the fact th at the nature attachment and bond that needs to be developed between the mother and child will start right from the onset of the intervention because it does not isolate the emotional needs of the child from the series of tasks that are designed in equipping the caregiver with the skills of offering secure attachment.Another important aspect of the proposed intervention is that it is made up of well identified stages that make it possible for the service provider to clearly identify the needs of the patient and rightly apportion remedies to them. (Daws, 2009). For example the pre-intervention stage is to undertake a child and caregiver classification and rating that seek to rightly measure and quantify the degree of child and caregiver problem. This is however done as a product of the assessment procedures that are carried out. In often times, the child and caregiver classifications and ratings will be undertaken as a codification process for the results that are gathered at the pre -intervention level. For example from a child’s perspective where videotapes and questionnaires are used in the assessment data collection, a clinical psychologists will code the results

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